About the trust

We proudly run this state asset on behalf of the people of Victoria.

We are an enabler and provide expert support whilst operating under the overarching objective of contributing to the economic, community and liveability benefits for the region that arise from the use of the Stadium.

The Kardinia Park Stadium Trust (Trust) is a statutory authority established under the Kardinia Park Stadium Act, 2016.

The Trust, governed by a board of seven Trustees, has been established to administer, promote and manage the Kardinia Park Stadium Trust Land more commonly known as GMHBA Stadium.

The Kardinia Park Precinct that surrounds the 36,000-crowd capacity stadium is an icon of Geelong and is steeped in history. Due to the Stadium’s iconic light towers it is visibly present no matter which direction you enter the city from.

The stadium is a rare asset for a regional city; a source of pride for the community, and an enabler for major events once reserved for capital cities to take place in Geelong with sizeable economic benefits.

For our partners, who are looking to create successful sporting and showcase events, we provide expert governance, flexibility, guidance and a place to call home for a day. We enable them with a comprehensively supported platform from which they can launch inclusive, engaging experiences that will leave fans and supporters in our community with treasured memories.


Our operational partners



The Stadium is also home to the following tenants which we have a collaborative relationship with