Accessibility at GMHBA Stadium

We want every patron to have an enhanced, unforgettable experience at our stadium. We are committed to ensuring access to the stadium and movement within it is as smooth as possible for all community members.

Continual improvement of our stadium’s accessibility offerings is a key focus of the Trust’s Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.  If you don’t see what you’re after in the below list and wish to discuss your specific access requirements with us – please don’t hesitate to reach out via the contact form below or via phone. We look forward to welcoming you home to GMHBA stadium.

On Major Event days, Accessible Parking will be located in the B6 parking area (Enter via Latrobe Terrace) 

Please note: 

  • Accessible parking is available on a first in basis. 
  • Patrons must display their Accessible Parking sticker to access these areas. 
  • The customer service/traffic staff will be able to direct you to the assigned accessible parking area. 

On Non-Major Event days 

Accessible parking is available in the following locations: 

  • Limited spaces are located within the A3 car park directly out the front of the Premiership Stand. 
  • Along Park Crescent directly in front of Kardinia Aquatic Centre 

Assistance dogs are permitted entry into the venue – please ensure they are wearing their specific uniform so they can be easily identifiable   

Braille signage is displayed on elevators as well as within the Brownlow and Premiership Standing seating sections and restrooms.

There is disabled and carer/companion seating available throughout the venue in different locations, subject to availability.

Disabled seating is located in the following sections:

The Reg Hickey Stand
All disabled seating is undercover and is located on Level A which can be accessed via the north and south ramps from both Gate 1 – Polly Farmer and Gate 5 – Bernie Smith
(28 wheelchair spaces and 28 carer/companion seats available)

The Premiership Stand
All disabled seating is accessible via Level 1 and can be reached by entering Gate 5 – Bernie Smith, Gate 8 – Doug Wade and/or Gate 13 – Bob Davis and taking the lift(s) to level 1
(18 spaces and 18 carer/companion seats available)

The Players Stand

All disabled seating is located on Level 1 and is accessible by entering Gate 5 – Bernie Smith or Gate 8 – Doug Wade and taking the lift(s) to level 1
(57 spaces and 57 carer/companion seats)

Brownlow Stand
The disabled seating is accessible for both public and corporate guests – all located within the Level 1 seating bowl. These can be reached by entering Gate 13 – Bob Davis and taking the lift(s) to Level 1 (or 2 for the corporate spaces)
(22 spaces and 22 carer/companion seats for the public sector; and
17 spaces and 17 carer/companion seats for the corporate guests)

For Major Events such as AFL, we recommend you pre-book your ticket via Ticketmaster by calling the accessible seating line on 1300 446 925 or via the Geelong Cats Membership Services team on 1300 462 287.

Patrons with companion cards must present the companion card when purchasing a ticket to Major Events at GMHBA Stadium. For more information about Companion Cards visit

First aid stations can be found in the Breezeway of Ford Stand (Ground Level) and at the back of Players Stand (Ground Level).

Hearing loops are available in the Presidents Room in the Brownlow Stand and Deakin Cats Community Centre (DCCC).

Disabled access is available at all major gates and throughout the venue.  For assistance or to navigate the best path of travel, please don’t hesitate to ask any of our friendly and helpful staff or contact us prior to discuss your access requirements.

A Parents’ Room is located on Level 1 Brownlow Stand, near Bay A36.

Disabled toilets are located throughout the entire venue and feature a baby change table. Breast pumps are permitted inside GMHBA Stadium.

All men’s and women’s toilets in Players Stand, Premiership Stand and Brownlow Stands have ambulant cubicles.

There are also a number of dedicated disabled toilets located throughout the venue. All disabled toilets in the venue are unisex and also feature a baby change table.

Disabled access into the stadium is available throughout the venue and any of our friendly and helpful staff would be more than happy to assist.

There are ten water fountains located throughout the venue that are wheelchair accessible.

Changing Places is a suitable facility for people cannot use standard accessible toilets.  This facility provides an adult sized change table, ceiling hoist, a peninsular toilet, privacy screen and additional circulation space to the meet the needs of people with complex disabilities and their carers.

The facility is located next to the Family Room on Level 1, Brownlow Stand (North end) and is accessible by Patrons using their own MLAK key.

The Sensory Zone ensures that events at GMHBA stadium will be an accommodating and positive experience for all guests and fans with a sensory need.

The Kardinia Park Stadium Trust and Geelong Cats have partnered with US not for profit organisation KultureCity to improve our ability to assist and accommodate guests with challenges in processing sensory information.

Our objective is to provide an inclusive experience for every guest.  We strive to raise awareness of the needs and challenges faced by individuals with sensory processing challenges by supplying our staff, customer service and security members with training and by offering the resources and accommodations below to our guests.

Interactive tour

The Sensory Zone is the name of the holistic project behind our Sensory Inclusive Stadium accreditation.  It includes the provision of a Sensory Room, Sensory Bags, Weighted Lap Mats, Social Stories and Staff Training. The Sensory Zone is more than a sensory room, it is an inclusive, equitable program providing outstanding customer experiences.

Sensory sensitivities are not isolated to people with autism. Up to 1 in 5 people can experience sensitivities including people with Downs Syndrome, people with PTSD, adults with dementia, Parkinson’s disease, anxiety sufferers and stroke patients just to name a few.

The Sensory Room is located in the Deakin Cats Community Centre on the ground level concourse at the back of the Players Stand – inside Gate 8 (Doug Wade Gate).

These resources are available to one and all.

All resources are free of any charge.

No reservation is required. However, be aware that at busy times there may be multiple users of the space.

Basic information such as name, age, number of people in your group, times entered/exited are gathered at the Sensory Room to help assess the initiative’s overall use and track trends.  Waivers are also required to be signed when accessing the Sensory Zone, a Sensory Bag or Weighted Lap Map.

In the interests of continual improvement, it is also optional to provide an email address and participate in a survey about your experience at the stadium.

Yes, facilities are 30m from the Sensory Room on the ground level concourse.

During the event a dedicated Inclusion Officer is available to help you navigate the stadium and provide assistance to make sure you have the very best experience.  Don’t hesitate to contact the Inclusion Officer directly throughout the event on 0439 305 980.

Water is most welcome, but it is a food-free zone.

Yes, supervision by a responsible person is required at all times. This is a formal requirement of the room.

Weighted lap mats and Sensory bags containing fidget toys, anti-glare sunglasses, noise cancelling headphones and other resources, are available for checkout on Major Event days (at no cost by leaving an ID) at the following locations:

  • Welcome desk (ground floor, Brownlow Stand)
  • Sensory Zone, Deakin Cats Community Centre (ground level, Players Stand)

Staff located in the Reg Hickey Stand will also assist with Bags or lap mats if required.

Sensory bags are to be returned to the same collection point on the same day as the event.

  • Fidget tools
  • Headphones
  • Communication cue cards
  • Stadium map
  • VIP Kulture City lanyard

Kardinia Park Stadium Trust and the Geelong Cats have developed a social stories with support from Deakin University, which aims to show guests what they may see and experience during an event at GMHBA stadium. The social stories have photographs and simple text and is read or shared with guests prior to attending. Many people find social stories can help prepare them and feel more comfortable about what they may experience throughout the day.

These are available below for download in Word for ease of personalisation.


Big Bash League


Nitro Circus

Download the “Going to GMHBA Stadium for a Geelong Cats game Social Story” here

Download the “Going to GMHBA Stadium for a Melbourne Renegades game Social Story” here.

KultureCity is a leading non-profit recognized nationwide for using their resources to revolutionize and effect change in the community for those with sensory needs; not just those with Autism. Since the program’s inception, KultureCity has created over 200 sensory inclusive venues in 3 countries; this includes special events such as: NFL Pro-Bowl, NFL Super Bowl, MLB All Star Weekend. KultureCity has won many awards for its efforts: NASCAR Betty Jane France Humanitarian Award in 2017, Cleveland Cavaliers’ Quiet Space Sensory Room at Quicken Loans Arena was a finalist for the 2018 Stadium Business Award, and the 2018 Clio Sports Silver for social good in partnership with Cleveland Cavaliers/Quicken Loans Arena. Recently, KultureCity was awarded one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2019 by FastCompany.

We thank our collaborating partners: Geelong Cats, Leisure Networks, Deakin University, BCYF, Barwon Paediatric Services, Kane Constructions, La Trobe Community Health Service, NDIS, G21, Gateways Support Services, Armstrong Creek School, Diversitat, Early Childhood Early Intervention Working Group, Kane Constructions, Untapped, City of Greater Geelong and the Percy Baxter Charitable Trust managed by Perpetual.

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