In January 2015, the State Government of Victoria announced its intention to establish the Kardinia Park Stadium Trust, a statutory authority established under its own Act of Parliament to oversee the development and operations of GMHBA Stadium. The Trust consists of seven high profile business identities:

Stephen Gough (Chair)

Gillian Costa (Deputy Chair)

Joe Calafiore

Rob Hulls

Dan Simmonds

Bernadette Uzelac

Clare Amies



The main responsibilities of the Finance Audit and Risk Committee are to:

  • Review and report independently to the Trustees on the Annual Report and all other financial information published by the Trust;
  • Assist the Trustees in reviewing the effectiveness of the Trust’s internal control environment covering:
    • Effectiveness and efficiency of operations
    • Reliability of financial reporting
    • Compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  • Determine the scope of the internal audit function and ensure its resources are adequate and used effectively, including coordination with the external auditors; and
  • Oversee the effective operation of the risk management framework.
  • The FARC meets monthly and makes recommendations to the Trust on specific issues.

The Finance Audit Risk Committee (FARC) consists of the following member’s independent from Management:

Joe Calafiore – Chair

Tony Ficca – Independent Member

The Committee focuses on determining the Trust’s policy and practice for executive remuneration and the individual remuneration packages for its executives in line with the recommendations per Government Sector Executive Remuneration Panel (GSERP).

The Remuneration Committee consists of:

Gillian Costa – Chair

Rob Hulls – Trustee

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