Jun 25th, 2024

Water Fountain Artwork Project

The Kardinia Park Stadium Trust was delighted to invite First Nations artists to design a series of Water Fountains at GMHBA Stadium.

Three pieces were selected to feature on water fountains located throughout the stadium,

The project was informed by First Nations Community Consultation conducted by Arranyinha and Kardinia Park Stadium Trust in 2022 when we asked community ‘how would you like to see your culture represented and celebrated at the stadium?  What would help make you feel welcome?’.

We received recommendations from the Geelong First Nations communities around the acknowledgement of First Nations peoples as the world’s longest surviving continuous culture here at GMHBA Stadium, on Wadawurrung country.



Jenna Oldaker is a Wadawurrung Traditional Owner and Visual Artist creating works under ‘Murrup Art’. ‘Murrup’ is the Wadawurrung word for spirit, which is fitting as Jenna’s art comes from her ancestors and their spirits.

Through her art, Jenna expresses her deep connection and love for her Aboriginal culture, country, and heritage. Every piece created by Jenna comes from her heart and strong connection to Wadawurrung culture. Her passion is to create each work with its own individual story and meaning, and also to educate others about Wadawurrung culture and country.

Born and based in Ballarat on Wadawurrung Country, Jenna uses mostly bright, contemporary colours to create unique and detailed artworks. Her vibrant, multicolouredartworks are largely inspired by the traditional marks and symbols from the dreamtime and also from Wadawurrung Country itself. Working primarily with acrylic paints on canvas, Jenna enjoys creating new pieces using a variety of forms and dimensions.




My name is Chloe Chatterton, a Wadawurrung Traditional Owner and the face behind Karringala Art. In Wadawurrung language Karringala means ‘to create’. I have always loved
art and its capacity to turn written and spoken words into images. Early on, I explored this passion through drawings which I then combined with my love of the digital medium.

My artistic practice is contemporary in nature and utilises digital media to express my connections with Culture and Country. The stories and teachings of my Wadawurrung
heritage have always fascinated me and are the basis for my creative work. Throughout my work, I enjoy exploring places of significance and symbolism. Art serves as a way for me to
visually communicate Wadawurrung History, stories and Culture. Teaching is also a passion of mine, where I strive to close the gap and break down the barriers many face in education
to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to reach their full potential and pursue their passions in life.

Nyatne baa Gobata (Thank you and take care)




“My Aboriginal heritage originates from my father a descendant of the Awabakal tribe.  Awabakal meaning people of the plain or flat surface, believed to refer to the surface of Lake Macquarie which is where many of my people lived and our totem the Wedged tailed eagle.”

“It was a privilege to be able to design a feature within the Kardinia park location which will stand strong and culturally proud in a space in which I visit on a very regular basis and that will increase the visibility and celebration of First Nations culture at the stadium.”

Previous commissions include works for Geelong Police Station, Education Department Ballarat, Swinburne College, Templestowe Heights and Footscray Primary Schools, Department fo Families Fairness and Housing, Ascot Vale Secure Care Unit, Creative Play Early Learning Centre, Thompson Day Care, Geelong Baseball Club, Iona College, Marram-Ngala Ganbu Court Shepparton, Geelong Cats Sir Doug Nicholls jumper, VACCHO Breast Screen Victoria, City of Greater Geelong NBN boxes and many more.

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