Sep 23rd, 2019

Meet Festival of Sport Ambassador Commando Girl

Meet Estelle aka Commando Girl. She’s a daring skater and awesome ambassador for the 2019 Festival of Sport. With just two weeks until the Festival of Sport takes over Kardinia Park, we thought we’d take some time to shine the light on Estelle, her love of skating and her all-around positive good vibes.  

How long have you been skating for?  

Three years now! 

Why did you take up skating as a sport?  

It looked different and interesting compared to the rest of the sports I had participated in before. 

What are some of your best/favourite achievements in the sport?  

Helping others learn how to skate with community programs.  Achieving goals that I have set for myself and landing new tricks – sometimes the type of trick can take months.  Obtaining a scholarship for entry with the Barwon Sports Academy has definitely been a highlight.  Winning South Australian State Qualifier for National Skate Park League series.  And of course, being asked to be this year’s Festival of Sport ambassador.   

Do you have a favourite trick?  

My favourite trick is a Heel Flip.
(A Heel Flip is an aerial skateboarding trick where the skateboarder kicks out in front of him/her and flipping board 360 degrees along the board’s long axis)

What impact has skateboarding had on your life?  

I have met amazing and inspiring people in my skate journey both socially and in competitions.  I have had positive encouragement.  I have travelled.  It has helped with my planning and organising.  

What’s it like being a female in a mostly male-dominated sport?  

Interesting.  Sometimes difficult and challenging – more with boys my own age.  That said, I have competed against males and I try to be as good as the boys in my age group. 

Would you encourage other girls your age to get involved in skating?  

Yes definitely, and having said that I have already started to encourage older and younger females to join the sport. 

Are there any sports you’re looking forward to trying at the Festival of Sport?

As many as possible!  I will also help with the skate demonstrations and the skate competition throughout the day. 

Estelle will be at the Festival of Sport on Sunday 6 October at Kardinia Park.

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