Legends Plaza

Geelong is blessed with a rich sporting history and a community that supports achievements.

Located in Geelong’s sporting hub, Kardinia Park, the Legends Plaza gives testimony to some of our greatest sports men and women.

Selected by an independent committee from an extensive list of nominees, the selected Legends have reached the highest level in their chosen sport as a participant or administrator. They have achieved exceptional sporting goals whilst demonstrating exemplary character and integrity. The Legends Plaza is a dedication to these unique individuals.

Fourteen sporting legends were included in the initial installation with the newest additions to the plaza – Trisha Fallon and Graeme Lloyd, inducted in 2013.  There is capacity to add to the number of legends in the future.

Current Legends

The Legends as they currently stand include:

Russell Mockridge

John Landy

Lindsay Hassett

Simone McKinnis

Wayne Davies

Charles Brownlow

Leo White

Ian Redpath

Reg Hickey

Jack Hawkes

James Wilson Junior

Trevor Billingham

Greg Stewart

Dick Garrard

Trisha Fallon

Graeme Lloyd